Hellen. 23 anos. Adoro matar personagens. Não existe romance sem morte. Alguém sempre morre...


(Un)Lucky | All Time Low
A Boy Who Loves A Girl | Outros
Alter Ego | House
Bloodlines | Supernatural
Boys Do What They Can | The Maine
Condessa de Sangue | Outros, Não-interativa
Dead Memories | The Vampire Diaries
Deep | Outros
Drag Me To Hell | Outros
Dream Of Paradise | The Walking Dead
Espírito de Natal | Short Stack
Fantasya | Outros
Finding the words | The Maine
Finding A Way | The Maine
Finding You – These Four Words | The Maine
Finding You – In Case | The Maine
Fluorescent Adolescent | Arctic Monkeys
Ghost On The Dance Floor | Blink 182
Ginger | Artistas, Ed Sheeran
It's Just A Game | Outros
I Like The Way That We Play | Outros
I Wonder If You’ll Ever Sing This Tune | McFLY
Let Me In | Supernatural
Letters To God | Outros, Não-interativa
Painting Flowers For You | All Time Low
Pandemonium | Outros
Peccavi | Outros, Restritas
Se Você Quiser | Cine
Sorrows | Harry Potter, Não-interativa
Take The Heartland | Jogos Vorazes
Tell Me A Story | Artistas, Phillip Phillips
The Second Star To The Right | Doctor Who
The Time Lord’ Chronicles – The Girl In The Mirrora | Doctor Who
Você é... A Metade do meu Chocolate | Outros
We’re All The Stars | Outros
What A Scummy Man | Arctic Monkeys
Wilson's | House
Without You There Is No Christmas | There For Tomorrow
You Must Remember This | Outros, Não-interativa